Privacy Policy

Pia Bouman School for Ballet and Creative Movement is committed to protecting the privacy of all members of the Corporation which includes all our students and their family, school staff, volunteers, donors, and all the school’s artistic and creative colleagues and collaborators. We adhere and are in compliance with the rules, regulations and guidelines of ASSURE and PIPEDA.


Pia Bouman School collects the following personal information:

Name, address, phone, billing information*, emails of students and their parents/guardians.

*billing information, retained for a maximum of 12 months.  

Why do we collect this?

For the purpose of communication regarding any and all PBS activities.

We may also collect the following personal information to deliver invoices, newsletters, receipts for donations and send messages of thanks:

• Date of birth, costume size, gender (for students), prior dance training and experience to ensure appropriate class registration, training, costuming, examination, notification of appropriate events, and to assess our understanding of the School's student profile for planning purposes

• Names and contact information for parents, legal guardians and persons acting under their authority to assist with the student’s safe arrival at and leaving from the School

• Names and contact information for students in relation to dance performance roles to facilitate communication with dates, times and places for rehearsal and performance

• Information about students' examination and class completion results to record progress and to further the artistic aims of the School

• Photographs, video tape recordings, renderings and other media images of students in classes, performances and rehearsals, of volunteers at work, or of persons at special fundraising and promotional events sponsored by the School for communications, artistic and archival purposes. These images may be made available or sold to other parents and students within the client base of the School. Occasionally the School uses such personal images to promote the school. In such situations specific written consent is obtained prior to use

• Confidential information to satisfy requirements for our bursary program

• Information about older students, parents, supporters, donors and friends of the School pertaining to their employment, interests and skills to call upon persons within the School community for the purposes of becoming volunteers, supporters, members, and members of the board, and to facilitate notices about programs, performances, or special events such as fundraising campaigns

• Aggregated and demographic information for planning and reporting purposes for grant submissions, fundraising organizations and regulatory authorities, and for our own understanding of our client base and of our supporters.


Private Information Exceptions

There are some important exceptions necessary for the ordinary operation of the school:

• Information about adults that is generally available to the public, such as name, address and listed phone numbers is not considered private information and is not covered by this policy.

• Personal information that is generated or used for artistic, journalistic or literary purposes is not governed by PIPEDA. In particular, photographic images may be taken by students, parents, or friends of the School and may be posted or distributed within the School for artistic and communicative purposes

• Class lists available for view by students, parents and other invitees of the School

• Lists of staff, teachers and volunteers on view at the school

• Names and photographic images of students and volunteers that appear on bulletin boards within the School building, in newsletters or other communications to the school community.

How we collect Personal Information

We collect personal information about our students, renters, donors, supporters and friends of the School in the following ways:

•         Upon registration (classes/camps)

•         Upon acceptance into our dance company or a performance for public viewing

•         In person

•         Via telephone or e-mail

•         Via our website

•         Through ticket-purchase requests

•         Via personal cheques from ticket purchasers and supporters

•         Via rental contracts

•         Through sign-up sheets for school activities.

How the School Uses and Safeguards Information

Personal information is used in the course of carrying out the works of a dance school for children and adult students and for costume, studio and theatre space rentals, including all related uses that an ordinary person would assume is reasonable.

The purpose for which information is collected is described at the time of collection. We obtain written permission where possible. We provide opportunities for individuals to decline or withdraw consent, however, participation in some activities of the school may be restricted if consent to the necessary collection and use of personal information is not given.

Consents for students under 18 are given by parents and legal guardians. Students age 18 and older give consent for use of their personal information.

Safeguards are in place to ensure that personal information is not collected for any purposes other than those described in our policies and for which consent has been given.

Visitors to the school are asked to report to the school office or to reception. Access to the school is restricted during non-peak hours to those who have authorization or are being met by authorized persons.

The School obtains verbal or written agreement, when possible and appropriate, from all persons who may have access to personal information:

• Authorized School staff members and teachers who have access to personal information are required to abide by our privacy standards, and are required to maintain the confidentiality of information at all times, as a condition of employment or as part of their contract.

• Volunteers, including board members who have access to personal information as part of their work for the school, are advised of the School's privacy policy and must respect private personal information as a condition of their involvement.

• Persons and groups who rent studio or theatre space must respect our privacy policies as a condition of their signed rental agreement.

• All persons and companies with whom the School may contract for specific services have policies to comply with applicable privacy laws.
 Personal information is kept in a safe and secure location under the control of the School’s Privacy Officer:

Database Management

The School maintains a Master Directory in electronic form of mailing lists comprised of parents of students, donors, supporters, friends and members of the School, and ticket purchasers, for notification purposes such as school programs, performances, and fundraising campaigns. Access to the database files is password protected and limited to the School’s Privacy Officer or persons acting under her authority. 

Website and Electronic Commerce

All information on the School's website is the property of Pia Bouman School for Ballet and Creative Movement unless otherwise stated. Canadian copyright law and international treaties protect the image, text, graphic, audio and audio/visual material on our website. No one may use, copy, or distribute these materials in any way, except for non-commercial, personal use.

Donor List Management

The School maintains a list of donors and their donations for communication, receipt, regulatory and recognition purposes. Donors have the option of remaining anonymous in any publication of donors’ names.

Mailing List Management

The School maintains various lists of names and addresses for communication purposes. Some personal information may be included to indicate prior and current affiliation to the school to assist in directing communications appropriately. Non-student individuals may opt out of our mailing lists. The School does not sell, rent or trade our mailing lists without consent.

Accessing and Updating Personal Information

The School regularly reviews our privacy policies and practices. Updates will be posted on our website and made available in paper copy in the School.

Questions, Complaints, Requests for information, Changes to Personal Information

Please let us know of any changes in your personal information. You may direct any questions, suggestions, requests for information or complaints about the School privacy policies and practices to:

Joanne Townson, 
Managerial Staff
Pia Bouman School for Ballet and Creative Movement,

To learn more about privacy and your privacy rights, see the website of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada at:


Changes to this Statement

We may update this Privacy Policy to reflect changes to our information practices.  If we make any changes, we will provide notice on this website, and may notify you by email (sent to the email address specified in your account).