Dear friends, dear parents, students, dancers,
Dear colleagues and supporters,

Our school of dance has been on a journey that started in March 2016 with high
expectations and hopes for the future when the property was bought. A home for our
school “in perpetuity” the developer of 6 Noble Street, Dermot Sweeney, said in his
original proposal that showed vision and intent.
We emerged from a period of uncertainty recently where the place and importance of
arts and culture, youth and dance were weighed in the balance against politics, rules
and financial gain. We can now put our efforts towards focused planning for the future
of the school. There is a feeling of excitement. Excitement of the un-known as we turn
a corner…
The Pia Bouman School has a one-year lease extension to August 31, 2019, with some
leeway till the redevelopment of the property materializes. We were always going to
move out when the building was to be torn down, we are just not moving back in.
We are now free to find either an interim space, or better, a space for years to come.
We have engaged a Real Estate agent who will search the market and help us find the
best location for our needs. Dermot Sweeny is engaged and promises assistance: to
build bridges with his contacts.
We need: A new home to dance our dance. This happens because of the efforts of a
community of people who believe in a vision. We need your help, support in any manner
you think you can, as we move on step-by-step towards the future of this unique school.

o You, friends of the school with Capital fundraising expertise step onto our stage
o You, friends of the school, who are able and willing to “go out and ask the ask”,
once the financial goal is identified, step onto our stage
o You, friends of the school who are creative thinkers, visionaries and doers, step
onto our stage

There will be much to accomplish.
If you are:
1. people who can mobilize and organize other people
2. people who can sort,
3. pack and dump …
we will need you.

When we have a new space secured, the school will count on people with very diverse
skills, people like us, who have little time to give but will give time and resources
because this matters...
All you, artists and performers and creators who have enjoyed 6 Noble Street, the
studio and the theater as a creative venue... we need all of you, who are committed to
keep the arts, arts education, and our so beautiful culture of diversity inside this city.
Arts, culture traditionally guide us towards responsible and creative development.
This is a call in support of the arts, inspired by youth, whose need for arts education
during their formative years must be a priority.
We will update you regularly to inform you about upcoming brainstorming. This will be
done through emails from the school. You will be informed of the obstacles we need to
hurdle, as well as of the visions that can become reality. The ‘subject’ will always be
identified as:
our future (home)

With warm regards,
Pia Bouman, Artistic Director

Kevin Brown, Co-hair - The Board of Directors


The School


Our mandate is to make dance available to all who wish to pursue it: this is the guiding principle which breathes through the school.

Our programs are tailored to all ages and all levels: from the very young to the pre-professional and mature student.

Our highly qualified staff nurtures and encourages creative development and self-discipline, empowering their students with strong dance technique, musicality and social awareness. They are encouraged to be intelligent and honest about their dance art.

Our students learn that dance is a communication tool and this knowledge gives them a sense of excitement about dance as creative expression. Many of our students have pursued their education in dance and choreography at professional schools and universities. Some of them have become professional artists in their own right. All have acquired a true appreciation and love for dance.