The School


The foundation of our all inclusive philosophy lies in our Mandate which reads:

Every child who has a wish to (learn) dance should be given a chance to do so

Every child who has a wish to perform dance should be given the chance to do so

Every child who has a wish to create dance should be given the chance to do so.

Pia Bouman School offers programs for all ages and for all levels, from the very young to the pre-professional and mature student.  Students can receive a complete education in Classical Ballet, enriched by Creative Movement, Contemporary Dance, and National Dance. 

Our staff is highly qualified.  In keeping with the philosophy of the school, teachers foster creative development to go hand in hand with the discipline of dance learning.  In this non-competitive environment, teachers encourage students from an early age to embrace the discipline of dance and the creativity behind movement.  This creates the foundation from which the student can develop an awareness of the world. As students move through the school they have an opportunity to learn from older students and to be an older student from whom others will learn.   

Many of our students pursue their education in dance and choreography at a professional level to become professional artists in their own right. Many continue their academic pursuits through further education and become experts in their chosen fields of interest.  All acquire a true appreciation and love for all art. They bring with them into the world the knowledge that art holds the mirror to life and therefore learn it is important to be intelligent and honest as they dance through their lives.