History of The School 


Simple beginnings:

1978/9:  Pia Bouman founded her school Let’s Dance on the corner of Queen Street and Beattie Avenue, in a church basement. 

What made this school special?

A belief that anyone, at any age can be a dancer, a performer, a creator.

1985:  The school performed its first Nutcracker. 2019’s production will be the 33rd. Yearly, Nutcracker gives a chance to dance, to create and to perform as a cast of one hundred children. It has become a yearly tradition to an audience of over 2000. 

1986/87: The school became a charitable not-for-profit organization based on its unique mandate. It was named: Pia Bouman School for Ballet and Creative Movement. 

1991/92: Pia Bouman convinced the then Board of Directors to support the creation of a young performance company Young Movement Incorporated Dancing (YMI Dancing). The company continues to provide students aged 12 – 17 with a chance to dance, to create and to perform. 

The need to move:  In 2003 the school was asked to move. We found an old one story building on Noble Street.  Architect/parent Philip Beesly offered to design the interior. An application to The Ontario Trillium Foundation resulted in a Grant of $100,000.00. This gift enabled the school to embark on this next chapter. Most of the renovations were executed by parent volunteers, dancers and friends of the school.  On October 4, 2004, the school opened its doors on 6 Noble Street. In the following 15 years, the school continued to grow as a school as well as a cultural hub in the city of Toronto. 

After 40 years in Parkdale, another move!

September 1, 2019: The School moves to 225 Sterling Road, and at this, our new home, our mandate and philosophy will continue as we celebrate dance.