Young Dancers Program

For ages 8 - 14

The Young Dancer’s Program is for students between the age of 8 and 14 years old who may or may not have taken part in an earlier dance program. It is a multi-faceted program with the choice of participating in any one or in several of the different classes offered.

 Students can challenge themselves in the Classical ballet, Creative Movement, Contemporary, and National Dance classes. Without a doubt, each of the facets taken separately or in combination, will enrich the young dance in many ways; creativity, memory, musicality, musical phrasing, co-ordination, listening, as well as partner and team skills. The atmosphere fosters love of dance while challenging each dancer to do the best he or she can because, here, anybody, everybody can dance.

Students in this program are encouraged to take a minimum of two classes per week.

 Classes are taught by highly qualified teachers and specialists in the field of dance. Our class sizes are capped to ensure that each student receives the attention needed to ensure progress and safe development. Pia Bouman School for Ballet and Creative Movement offers a nurturing, non-competitive environment.


Classical Ballet R.A.D.

Teachers: Leah Beamish, Pia Bouman, Kelly Jones-Hart, Vanessa Lewis, and Nagisa Inoue

Following the syllabus of the Royal Academy of Dancing, and recognized around the world, students explore the world of Classical Ballet and further develop skills in not only classical ballet but free movement, musical theory, national dances and improvisation. Any child whether or not participating in examinations can take these classes.

- Students planning to do an RAD exam must take two ballet classes per week.
- In-School Assessments and R.A.D. examinations are optional.

Grade 3: ages 9 - 10          Grade 4: ages 11 - 13          Grade 5: ages 12 - 14



Pre Pointe classes are soft shoe classes offered to students who aspire to pointe work. They focus on strength and stability. Only after careful evaluation will a child be approved to begin working in pointe shoes.

Pre Pointe          Pointe 1



Creative Movement 

Teacher: Pia Bouman

Here culminates our creative movement program. At this level, students continue to explore the world around them through music, discussion and movement and in doing so will create with guidance of their teacher, an original piece and perform it at the Let's Dance Festival in June.

Level 3: ages 9 - 11



Teachers: Yuichiro Inouye

At aged 10 students have the opportunity to enrich their dance experience with classes in Contemporary Dance. 

Level 1: ages 10-12          Level 2: ages 11-13

National Dance

Teachers: Leah Beamish and Nagisa Inoue

Students thouroughly enjoy themselves as they study the folkloric dance traditions in National Dance

Level 2: ages 9 - 11         

Level 3: ages 11 - 13         

Level 4: ages 13 +



Teachers: Pia Bouman 

A syllabus free class focusing on strength and technique, a wonderful partner to any ballet class, also a great way to catch up for the later starting student.
Level 1: ages 8-10

Level 2: ages 10-12