Pre-Professional Program

For students aged 11 - 15+

Students in the Pre-Professional Program are challenged to move ahead, pushing their skill and artistry into an area that satisfies mind, body and soul. They often combine the two streams of the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus: The Higher Grades 6, 7, and Grade 8 Award, which are a continuation of the classes taken in the Young Dancer's Program, and the Vocational Graded Levels: Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced Foundation, and Advanced 1 and 2.


In the Pre-Professional Program, students together with their parents and under the guidance of their teachers often create for themselves a "package" of classes. To forge ahead in their classical ballet training; to reach out with contemporary dance for the full benefit of what dance can be; to open creative channels through exploration of their improvisation skills; and eventually, to bring ideas for their own choreography to the fore. Students of this Program can audition for our accomplished professional youth company, YMI Dancing.

Students at this level face the challenges and results are many: dancers here show an innate ability to focus and to work time efficiently; they develop stamina and a work ethic that is impeccable. Mentally they soar; physically and emotionally they dance and express; and, above all, they love what they do so well - good dancers make good people.

Classes are taught by highly qualified teachers and specialists in the field of dance. Our class sizes are capped to ensure that each student receives the attention needed to ensure progress and safe development. Pia Bouman School for Ballet and Creative Movement offers a nurturing, non-competitive environment.

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RAD Ballet

"The Senior Grades"

Teachers: Pia Bouman, Kelly Jones-Hart, Nagisa Inoue, Leah Beamish

These classes are a continuation of the RAD Graded Syllabus. RAD Grades 6 and 7 offer beautifully choreographed syllabi with a focus on the Romantic Ballet Era. Free Movement works on developing articulation through the arms and upper back toward more mature dance quality, while Character teaches traditional European steps and dances.

pia and colleeen.jpg

The Grade 8 Award is a culmination of the RAD Higher Grades (6 and 7). Classical, Free Movement and Character solos are presented in a “performance” setting.

Students can apply for High School Credit upon completion of the Grade 8 award.

Grade 6: ages 12+         Grade 7: ages 13+  

      Grade 8: ages 14+

RAD Ballet

Vocational Graded Levels

Teachers: Pia Bouman, Nagisa Inoue, Leah Beamish

For the serious student in Ballet these classes follow the Royal Academy of Dancing's Vocational Graded Syllabus and include pointe work. Students have the option of taking part in the R.A.D. examinations. Those opting to take an exam have an option of working toward a Spring, Summer or Fall exam.


Intermediate Foundation: ages 11 +

Intermediate: ages 13 +

Advanced Foundation: ages 14 +

Advanced 1: ages 14 +

Advanced 2: ages 14 +

The Pointe Challenge

Teachers: Pia Bouman, Yuchiro Inoue, Nagisa Inoue

Students can use this extra time to strengthen your feet and body for your work on pointe!

Level 1/2: ages 12+           Level 3/4: ages 14+  

Level 4/5: ages 14+       

The Core Challange

Teacher: Pia Bouman

The Core Challenge is a ¾ hour weekly training that helps build the necessary body alignment backed by strength.

Ages: 14+

pointed feet.jpg


Teachers: Pia Bouman, Yuichiro Inoue

Technique classes are an ideal strength build-up for each of the RAD advanced levels: stability in adage and pirouettes clarity in all allegro, maintaining turn-out.

Level 2: ages 13 - 15 yrs          Level 3/4: ages 14+  

Level 5: ages 14+       

National Dance Exam students 2013

National Dance Exam students 2013

National Dance ISTD

Teacher: Nagisa Inoue

One of Toronto's only schools to offer National Dance at this level, classes explore further National Dances from around the world. Students have the option of participating in ISTD National Dance exams in the late Spring.

Level 3/4: ages 13+

Ballet Character

Teacher: Leah Beamish

Developed in Russia, Ballet Character comprises of: Character barre, center work and dances based on Russian, Polish, Hungarian styles.

Ages: 14+


Teachers: Yuichiro Inoue

Students continue to explore the world of Contemporary dance through the exciting and physically challenging classes. Students must have a technical dance background of Intermediate Ballet or a dance background of minimally four years.

Level 4: ages 15+


Teacher: Yuichiro Inoue

Dances from classic ballets such as: Coppelia, Swan Lake, Giselle, Sleeping Beauty, etc. Choreographies, created for the larger groups in any of these classical ballet stories and a great experience to perform. The pieces learned will be performed at a special Spring demonstration.

Ages: 14+

Classical Variations

Teacher: Nagisa Inoue

The Solo repertoire of the ballet classics has exquisite choreographic gems. Students discover the technical challenges behind the choreographies by the masters as they explore the intricacies of classical pointe work. Students must be dancing at Advanced 1, or above level, unless approved by the teacher.

Ages: 15+

Giuseppina Bozzachi (1853-1870) as Swanilda in Coppélia.

Giuseppina Bozzachi (1853-1870) as Swanilda in Coppélia.

Workshops and Master Classes

Special Workshops and Master classes with guest teachers are held throughout the year in any of the following disciplines; African Dance, Ballet, Contemporary, Creative Movement, Flamenco, Kathak, Limone, Mime, Rhythm, Salsa, and Street Dance.