“Uh oh!”

We are currently remodeling our Staff and Teachers web page for the 2019/20 year. Updates will include pictures of our staff and teacher bios.

You may notice that some have already been posted, but we thank-you for your patience as we complete the final touches on the rest!

Teaching Staff

Pia Bouman, Founder and Artistic Director

Pia has a teaching career that spans over 46 years. She teaches all levels of RAD and Classical ballet technique, Creative Movement, as well as pointe classes, ‘The Core challenge’, and special exam coaching.

Suzanne Davies - Established the School’s Music and Movement program in 1999. She also is a class accompanist. 

Kelly Jones-Hart

Joined the teaching staff of The School in 2000. She teaches RAD Graded levels, RAD Higher Grades and Creative Movement. 

Yuichiro Inoue

Joined the school in 2004. He teaches Ballet Technique level 1 – 5, Contemporary dance, special coaching, pas de deux and Repertoire. He is a professional dancer and performs with Toronto Dance Theater.

Nagisa Inoue - Joined the school in 2004. She teaches RAD Graded and RAD Higher Grades, Ballet Technique, Vocational Graded levels up to Advanced 2 and Solo Seal. She established the Classical Variation class in 2010. She is responsible for the National Dance Program (ISTD). 

Leah Beamish

Joined the teaching staff in 2012. She teaches all levels from Early dance 1 up to Advanced levels and Ballet Technique classes. She established the Ballet Character class in 2016, and is vocational and graded exam coordinator.

Bethany Litner

Former student of the school, teaches Contemporary dance and since 2016 has been the coordinator for the school’s company YMI Dancing. 

Annie Feiler - Former student of the school, joined the teaching staff in 2017. She teaches Early Dance 1 and 2, and Creative Movement. 

Zachary Cardwell

This is Zachary’s first year as a member of the Pia Bouman School teaching team. He will be teaching Contemporary dance, Ballet technique and RAD Grade 2. 

Class accompanists

Stephen Hutchings - Joined the school in 1996

Suzanne Davies - Joined the school as an accompanist in 1996

Lana Aganian - Joined the school in 2012

Administrative & Support Staff

Joanne Townson - Former parent, has been a school volunteer since 2001. She stepped into the role of Administrative & Building Manager in 2017.

Kate Metaxas - Former parent, joined the school as support staff in 2006 and became The School’s Student Registration Coordinator in 2010.

Maurisha Rouse - Bookkeeper, joined the administrative staff in 2016

Annie Feiler - Rentals Coordinator, joined the school’s administrative team in 2017.

Ailsa Wilson Pataracchia - Senior dance student, can be found at the front desk on weekends. 

Deana Salgado - Senior dance student, can be found at the front desk on weekends.