Help Your School

You may donate directly to our school’s search for a new home by supporting our GoFundMe campaign, HERE

Did you know our school is a registered charity?

We are!

Did you know you can have your United Way payroll deduction Donation, either through your home or office site, be designated to our school?

It can!

Did you know that all that is needed on the United Way form is to indicate your donation go to a specific agency (this is where you name our school and indicate the charitable number)?

Our number is 89300 8375 RR0001

Did you know you will receive a tax receipt from the United Way for your donation?

You will!

Did you know there is a small processing fee charged by the United Way for processing the donation?


Did you know how your donations used at our school?

Enrichment programs and workshops

Capital Expenses

Equipment upgrades

The Bursary Program

Please take a moment of time and make your donation today and share this information with friends and family and together we can reach our target and lower the debt by $50,000!

Click the DONATE button to donate to our GoFundMe campaign