How can you help?

A Charitable Not for Profit Organization since 1987

The school’s mandate is unique:

Every child who has a wish to (learn) dance should be given a chance to do so

Every child who has a wish to perform dance should be given the chance to do so

Every child who has a wish to create dance should be given the chance to do so.

It is through the power of this mandate that Miracles have happened, dreams have

come true, young people have felt empowered. Our mandate has never failed to inspire.

Living this mandate, the school is able to inspire donors to support all our needs:


The Bursary Fund

The School’s Bursary fund is unique amongst ballet schools. It makes it possible for any

young person regardless of socio-economic background to have the opportunity to

dance, to create and to perform. Pia Bouman School for Ballet and Creative Movement

provides excellence of training and inspires each student to reach beyond the art.


225 Sterling Road: A new home, a safe dance environment

As we strive to provide our students and dance artists with a safe and creative

environment, we invite donors to assist us in the ongoing creation and evolution of a

new space that will nurture personal and artistic development.


Creative Support

Donations can be directed towards:

  • Choreography (Nutcracker, YMI Dancing)

  • Special dance enrichment (March Break, summer dance intensives and camps for children.

  • Workshops and Master classes, Dance and health related workshops


Continued Support

Continued support enables us to ensure the best possible dance and arts education. In

addition to immediate artistic projects, donations will also go to Capital Expenses such

as A.V. and other studio equipment.

How does one Donate?

Directly to the School

Call or visit the school to make donations directly and discuss how best to direct your donation.

  1. Bursary Fund

  2. 225 Sterling Road

  3. Creative Support

  4. Continued Support

As a charitable organization, The School will issue tax receipts for donations $20.00 and over.

GoFundMe Campaign

Donations received through the GoFundMe campaign support 225 Sterling Renovations

United Way

United Way payroll donations are tax deductible and United Way will issue a tax receipt.Forms are available at your workplace. United Way does charge a processing fee of $12.00.

Be sure to:

  • Indicate our school’s name in full, Pia Bouman School for Ballet and Creative

  • Movement

  • Provide Charitable Foundation # 89300 8375 RR0001

Please take a moment of time and consider donating today and share this information with friends and family.

Together we can continue to give every child who has a wish to dance, to perform dance, and to create dance the chance to do so!

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