The PBS School as a Community

PBS has been engaging the larger Parkdale and Toronto community with theatre rentals, collaborations, outreach and arts education.

We have worked with man Toronto luminaries and organizations


Mayor David Miller, Gillian Findlay, Ian Brown, Peggy Nash, Cheri diNovo, John MacMurchy, Jazz musician and composer, Philip Beesley, architect, Linden Macintyre, Ivars Taurins, Jeff Stauber (the Drake), Christine Zeidler (the Gladstone Hotel), The Toronto film school

Parkdale Artists:  

The Friendly Spike (Ruth Stackman) , Adam Palazzo, clown theater, Santi Smith, A.D. of Kawahi Dance Theater, Kahuri Theater (working with disabled artists), Ross Manson award winning dramaturg. Kate Alton, dance - creator


Parkdale legal services, Parkdale landtrust

Posted on December 21, 2016 .