New for our 2015-16 Season!

Theatre Arts for Children

 Sundays from 12:00-1:00pm      for ages 6-11

End of year performance June 12, 2016

Special introductory price: $560 for the year. 

Second term only, beginning Feb 7, 2016 $280

Start now and pay for only the classes remaining

Take advantage of our Sweet Deal :

Combine Theatre Arts with 1 Ballet class and pay only $300 for a year for the Theatre Arts class. Students starting in term 2 pay only $150!

Theatre Arts fosters individuality and helps build self-esteem by encouraging children to work together and think creatively. In this program we build imagination around voice and movement, adding new abilities and complimenting the ballet repertoire. This Theatre Arts program focuses on encouraging children to concentrate on the refinement of their cooperation skills, acquire confidence, and have fun. Students will learn basic theatre skills like pronunciation, improvisation, exploring character, text memorization, and more. We will play trust and cooperation games encouraging students to develop compassion and reliance. We will explore props and costumes as we put together a play to showcase all of our hard work during the year. By learning to express their feelings and playing with the art of theatre, we are giving students the opportunity to open their horizons to new experiences and artistry. We are very excited to begin this new step at PBS as we open up our doors to Theatre Arts for all children to explore. 

Learn more about teacher Ana Groppler here.

Adult Beginner Contemporary for women

Mondays at 6-7:30 pm

Ages 18 +

Moving my body is a way I express myself. When I move my body I feel powerful, free and full of joy. As women we have a strength that lives in our bodies: as maidens, as mothers, as crones. The cycles and forces of nature live in us.

If you have never danced before, or are a beginner at dance technique you are welcome to join us in our exploration and learning.

By learning the basics of Modern and Contemporary dance, you will be taught a mixture of styles and techniques: gaining strength, flexibility and having a lot of fun along the way! This class will begin with a conditioning warm up to teach you how to prevent injury and to bring you more body awareness and strength to specific muscles and joints. Feeling free and comfortable in our bodies is what we will be gaining as we dance together, contributing to our radiant lives. 

Learn more about teacher Ana Groppler here


photographed by: Marlowe Porter


GET FIT conditioning for WOMEN

Saturday mornings at 9:00am-9:45am   Sunday mornings from 11:00am- 12:00pm

All ages of adult women

In this class you will learn body awareness, regain strength and regain flexibility. Getting our bodies strong, stimulated and aware. We will learn different body conditioning techniques to prevent injury and strategize to help heal old injuries. Teacher, Ana Groppler combines exercises from different dance and body conditioning techniques and to get you fit, comfortable and aware of your body. 

Learn more about teacher Ana Groppler here