New gTLD Market Strategies

The optimistic view and the one I choose is that new gTLDs will create innovations enabling internet users to contribute, create & consume experiences in new ways. Valuable content and applications will migrate to the most relevant strings. Users and search engines will favour authoritative strings driving increasing efficacy in search, use and therefore the value the registry delivers in a virtuous cycle of success.  There are conditions for this to come true. Successful registries will at a minimum;

  • ensure integrity of their registrant base,
  • set conditions for services and experiences to flourish in string relevant uses and benefits,
  • deliver web services to drive domain string adoption and ongoing use, and
  • execute effectively and continually adjust as their market needs evolve.

Those registries that fulfill these conditions will be the registries that exist ten years from now.  The remaining will be aggregated by the successful and either fall into decline or be reinvented under a new vision and strategy. This is all good; it is a time of change where the valuable and well operated will survive.  It is an exciting time with untold opportunities to innovate, create value and accelerate the evolution of our interconnected online society. In brief;

  • Brand strings will seek to enhance awareness, extend and educate their brand promise and provide new experiences  to attract target customers and deliver more value in customer relationships.
  • Geographic strings will create geocentric experiences to deliver user value centered on local communities, creating new opportunities for geocentric entities and interests to flourish.
  • Niche strings will innovate to deliver focused service capabilities and benefits to the specific needs of their niche unlike anything that has come before.

Each new TLD registry leader imagines the future vision that will drive success. To make it a reality, they need a clear strategy aligned with all stakeholders and a measurable execution plan to bring the vision to market.

Clarity of purpose, preparedness and exacting execution will be the characteristics of success.


The registry must articulate a clear compelling big idea vision of how and why the string will create an  innovation, delivering new, better or different experiences to address a real market problem, contributing indispensable and sustainable value driving business growth.

 Upon Vision articulation, the registry will develop a strategic & tactical plan to deliver the big idea vision. This involves the interconnecting detail on; financial planning, vendor, distribution, business partnerships, human capital, sales & marketing, operations, compliance, systems and applications all clearly defined in a practical measurable tactical plan with defined budget, activities, resources, timelines and milestones.

 All said and done, every plan requires execution measurement, analysis and adjustment after GoToMarket launch. This last phase is never ending and where true innovation emerges, driven by market adoption and use.

Thank you for checking in…Peter

Posted on July 5, 2013 .