...about Your Dance School

Class fees directly support our instruction program (including teachers', pianists' and staff salaries) and facility upkeep.


Our bursary fund - a program at the heart of our mandate: to ensure all children who wish to dance, may dance, regardless of financial means.


Quality of instruction is a top priority and this is reflected in our fee structure. 
Class fees are directly in line with, if not lower than, other dance schools in Toronto offering this high calibre of instruction with professionally credentialed teachers.


A volunteer Board of Directors, made up of parents, community members and parent and student alumnae, guides the School's operations. The annual meeting is in the first quarter of the year and everyone is welcome to attend.


In addition to class fees, other annual expenses may include: 
(i) a personal make-up kit for performance use, (ii) a Nutcracker performance fee (to help offset the cost of costumes and props), and (iii) a character skirt rental fee that covers the use of a character skirt for the full school year.


Purchase of the required ballet class clothing (leotard, tights, slippers and Pointe shoes) is the responsibility of each student/parent. Requirements are detailed in registration materials.


Several fundraising projects throughout the year draw on the support of our school community, friends and corporations to raise funds for our school. Funds raised are directed towards a number of initiatives, including capital improvements, reduction of debt, and our Bursary Fund.


There are two major performances each year: Nutcracker in December and the Let's Dance Festival in June. Nutcracker roles are selected by audition: all students taking 2 or more classes/week are eligible to audition, and all who audition will be cast in one or more roles. Let's Dance Festival takes place over five days and is a year-end showcase of all dancers in all classes; it is not audition-based and all students are expected to participate. Tickets for both performances are available through the School (ticket proceeds are used to directly offset performance costs).


Parent and student volunteers are absolutely critical to the success of our School. Performances and fundraising events require the involvement of many to be successful. There are many diverse and rewarding ways to become involved!


Young Movement Incorporated (YMI) Dancing is our professional youth performance company. Its mandate is to bring dance to the general community by giving performances at festivals, public schools, libraries, and fundraising and charitable events. Auditions for YMI are open to dancers age 12 and up, and take place twice a year, in Spring and in August.